Contact info
Professor A. Liakopoulos
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Thessaly.
Volos, GR-38334, Greece
Phone: +30- 2-4210-74111
Fax:      +30- 2-4210-74169
e-mail: aliakop@uth.gr
Undergraduate courses:
Fluid Mechanics (University of Florida, Lehigh University, University of Thessaly),
Environmental Fluid Mechanics (University of Thessaly),
Thermodynamics (Lehigh University),
Hydraulics (University of Thessaly),
Computational Hydraulics (University of Thessaly),
Ordinary Differential Equations (University of Florida)
Postgraduate courses:
Convective Heat Transfer (Lehigh University),
Boundary Layer Theory (Lehigh University),
Dynamical Systems and Simulation (University of Thessaly),
Applied Mathematics-Partial Differential Equations (University of Thessaly),
Spectral Methods (Lehigh University).
Μ.S. Theses Supervision
Completed (12): F. Alfitri, T.-H. Huang, D. Rakos, M. Muhammad, H. Gunes, G. Brown, X. Chen, M. Levine, T. Marquette, Y. Kim, M. Watson, D. Kasiteropoulou.
In progress (1): P. Kalyva.
Ph. D. dissertation Supervision
Completed (7): Χ. Huang, Α. Pinarabasi, H. Gunes, R. Sahan, Y. Kim, Ph. Sofos, D. Kasiteropoulou.
In progress (4): Z. Papavasiliou, A. Paresidou, H. Theloura, K. Tserdani
Member of Ph. D. dissertation Examination Committees
16 Ph.D. Committees (1989-2001), Lehigh University.
8 Ph.D. Committees (1998-2010), University of Thessaly, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Democritus University of Thrace.


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